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An Insider’s Guide to Intermodal Shipping

by John Rediehs on August 19, 2016 No comments

As you research the different types of shipping methods that are available for industrial shipping, you’ll probably see intermodal trucking show up more than a few times in your endeavors.

Intermodal freight transport is a method of shipping that utilizes an intermodal container or vehicle and uses multiple modes of transportation (ship, rail, and truck) to get the product to its end destination. During the shipments, there is no handling of the freight itself when it changes modes.

It’s an oft-chosen shipping method because it reduces cargo handling and in turn improves security. It also reduces damages and loss, and allows freight to be transported faster.

If you’re trying to compare it to other modes to see what the best choice is for your specific shipments, starting by learning about different shipping methods is the best way to do so.

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John RediehsAn Insider’s Guide to Intermodal Shipping

Truckload Freight Shipping: Pros and Cons to Consider

by John Rediehs on August 12, 2016 No comments

When you’re looking into the different methods for shipping cargo, one method you’ll learn about early on is truckload shipping. Truckload shipping is a method for moving large amounts of cargo—generally, amounts that fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. This type of shipping is carried out by a truckload carrier that contracts an entire trailer-load to a single client. This type of shipping, naturally, is different than LTL, or less-than-truckload chipping. LTL companies will typically mix freight from several customers in each trailer for optimal efficiency. If you’re considering choosing between these two types of shipping, learning more about the pros and cons of truckload freight shipping.

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John RediehsTruckload Freight Shipping: Pros and Cons to Consider

Understanding Logistics & Freight Shipping of Beer, Wine & Alcohol

by John Rediehs on August 5, 2016 No comments

When you’re dealing with shipping goods like beer, wine, and alcohol, there are certain regulations that need to be followed in order for your shipment to reach its destination, and when you’re looking for a 3PL provider to take care of your LTL or truckload shipments, it’s important to find one that’s experienced. Beyond regulations, though, there are a number of other things to know about shipping beer, wine, and other alcohol. In order to maximize your efficiency and minimize loss, be sure to follow these tips to understand wine shipping logistics and liquor shipping.

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John RediehsUnderstanding Logistics & Freight Shipping of Beer, Wine & Alcohol