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by John Rediehs on October 25, 2016 4 comments

Logistics customers should know how much their shipping efforts will cost prior to settling on a trucking company. Online freight quote comparison tools such as Red Dog’s make it easy to figure out exact expenses pertaining to less-than-truckload (LTL), door-to-door intermodal, dry van, and flatbed shipments.


Determining the cost of a final shipment won’t take as much time as it normally would, and there is no guesswork involved that could hide true costs from customers.
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Customers don’t need to wait to receive a quote when an instant tool provides an immediate accurate calculation, with detailed information about each quote included in an easy-to-read format.

There are several specific benefits of using an online quote comparison tool for cost estimation, eliminating the hassle of manually searching for trucking and shipping companies.

How to Save Time on Searching with Instant Freight Quotes

Pulling quotes from shipping companies between the pickup and destination separately is a time-consuming process.

Businesses need to first find local trucking and shipping companies that can handle the product and then discover the costs from each individually, which can take hours and cause needless frustration.

Business owners may even find that the need to focus on this harms their operations, removing their focus from running the business itself.

Here’s How to Compare Freight Quotes

  1. Figure out your shipment type.
  2. Know your destination’s address.
  3. Have the weight of your shipment.
  4. Fill in the instant rate quote engine.
  5. Get your free quote.

Determine Shipping Costs

Another factor that makes determining shipping costs difficult is the constantly changing market trends, and effectively keeping up with them requires full-time investment.

This is also something that most business owners don’t have time to focus on, particularly if their company is small and doesn’t have staff who can spend time on this. Thankfully, there’s a solution that can make this task easier.


An online freight quote comparison tool can perform all of these tasks instantly, providing a list of shipping companies and clear quotes for each in the same online portal.

Prices adjust on a regular basis according to current market trends, eliminating the need for the customer to keep up with them or consult an expert to perform the task. This makes it simple to determine which company to choose for shipping, and you can get all of the necessary shipping information in a timely manner.

How to Choose Your Own Price for Shipments

If none of the prices that appear in the quotes are within a customer’s price range, an online comparison tool can allow them to name their own price and send it via a simple online form.

The freight rate tool lays out various options in a clear format that helps eliminate any potential confusion, and identifies estimates where additional fees may apply to avoid misleading users.


Once you’ve settled on a price, you can simply login with an existing account or sign up for a new one, review the final cost, and make a payment. The interactive tool also allows customers to request additional information regarding shipping routes and pickup/delivery times.


Ship Products Out Faster without Any Uncertainty

With an instant online freight quote comparison tool, you can easily ship your products out to customers without the hindrances you may otherwise experience without the tool.

Businesses often work within tight deadline constraints, and the frustrations associated with figuring out shipping routes and total costs can take more time than they have available.

Fast Quotes

With an instant rate quote, companies will get accurate details and be able to decide on the right company, and ultimately ship products in a fraction of the time it would normally take.


All of the data about available shipping routes is available with a comprehensive centralized quote comparison, laying out the information in a format that makes it easy to understand.

Businesses don’t have to settle on shipping costs without having all of the details; they’ll know everything they need to before making a payment.

If they’re unfamiliar with what makes a good shipping company, they may otherwise need to perform more research in this area as well without a logistics company that has an established network.

What Are the Benefits of Comparing Online Freight Quotes with Red Dog Logistics?

Using Red Dog Logistics’ interactive online tool, companies can get accurate quotes for nearly any shipping location across the United States, with market prices that update daily. This helps prevent delays in shipping, and subsequently ensures that companies can expect their products to arrive at their intended destinations on time.

Companies won’t have to compromise shipping times when they can spend less time looking for a sufficient shipping route.

You’ll be able to get your shipments on the way to customers, with complete logistics capabilities making sure your shipments arrive on time.


Use Red Dog Logistics’ instant freight quote engine for the fastest and easiest way to find pricing for your shipping needs.

How to Get a Freight Quote

Our online freight quotes come through within minutes, and when you receive them you have the option to accept them or name your own price—if your named price isn’t feasible, however, you’ll still have the option to book at the originally quoted rate.


Get the Latest Online Freight Quote Rates

Red Dog’s engine for online freight quotes pulls information from multiple sources and bases rates on current market trends, which means you’ll get the most up-to-date rates available, and you’ll be able to book your shipment immediately.

LTL – Less-Than-Truckload and Flatbed

Our instant freight quote tool gives you the convenience you need to ship products faster and more efficiently. Comparing online freight quotes is easier than ever with this tool, and you’ll be able to determine exact expenses for LTL, door-to-door intermodal, dry van, and flatbed shipments.

We make sure that none of our clients have to struggle when getting the best price and finding the right shipping routes for their shipments.

Freight Company

Learn more about our instant freight quote tool today, and get started with your own shipments in minutes today. At Red Dog Logistics, we’re dedicated to providing the most helpful and efficient services around, and that includes offering our clients up to the minute rate quotes for freight across several modes.

If you have any questions, contact Red Dog Logistics today for more information.

John RediehsCompare Online Freight Quotes & Save


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