Need an Oversize Load Trucking Company?

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If you’ve been looking for an oversized load trucking company and don’t know what to do next, we at Red Dog Logistics are here to help. We’ll help plan and coordinate any oversize load shipment you need. At Red Dog Logistics, we’re a full service, third party logistics firm, and our most important goal is to ensure your complete satisfaction. Learn more about our oversize load hauling options today.

United States Oversize Load Trucking

Oversize load shipments are freight shipments that exceed the maximum size limits that are legally set for trailers. Special permits are required to ship these loads, and these shipments may require special paths or routes to avoid things like narrow passageways, low bridges, certain tunnels, or other obstacles. Because of these limitations and unique requirements, oversize load shipments can be complex and may cost more or be more difficult to coordinate, but when you work with Red Dog Logistics, you can trust that we’ll get your products and equipment where they need to be safely.

Examples of Oversize Load Transportation Needs

As mentioned, oversize loads are any loads that exceed the size limits set forth for trailers. These can include things like:

  • Oversize freight that is extra wide, long, or tall—from many different industries including construction, manufacturing, automotive, and more.
  • Overweight or heavy haul shipments such as vehicles
  • Equipment and machinery for the oilfield, mining, construction, manufacturing, and farming industries.
  • Pre-assembled homes (which are becoming more and more popular as the “tiny home” movement increases in visibility)
  • Boats, trucks, and other vehicles
  • Large, trailer mounted equipment
  • Large machinery or vehicles such as cranes or bulldozers
  • Construction and building materials like steel structures, beams, and more.

Shipping Vehicles Used for Oversize Loads

At Red Dog Logistics, we look forward to meeting the challenge of shipping your oversize loads. We offer a number of solutions for oversize shipments, such as:

  • Drop Decks Expandable: 2 or 3 axles
  • Double Drops
  • Stretch Trailers
  • RGN: 2 or 3 axles
  • RGN Expandable: 2 or 3 axles
  • Low Boy: 2 or 3 axles

How Can Oversize Loads Be Safely Shipped?

When you choose Red Dog Logistics for your oversize load services, you can trust that our providers ship your products with trailers that are manufactured specifically for heavy haul, oversize load, and wide load shipments. Some of these trailers may not look like your standard trailers, as these loads can require some creativity to safely transport the products.


What Industries Ship Oversize Loads Most Frequently?

Oversize loads may occur in a number of different industries. Some of the most common industries that ship oversize loads include the steel industry, wind industry, construction and agricultural equipment, oil and gas, and general legal flatbed cargo.

Getting a Rate Quote for Your Oversize Load Shipping

Red Dog Logistics is proud to provide oversize load trucking services, and our goal is to make sure that you are completely satisfied with the work we do. Our logistical associates can facilitate a quick quote based on your shipment needs. We’ll offer competitive quotes to give you the best price for your route, shipment type and load characteristics.

For oversize load hauling information and quotes, contact us today. We’re happy to answer any of your questions and provide you with what you need to get started shipping today.

John RediehsNeed an Oversize Load Trucking Company?

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