Oversized and Specialty Steel Freight Shipping Tips

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Shipping oversized steel loads is a specialized industry.  You cannot rely on just any shipping company to transport your large scale steel products where they need to be.  Oversized and overweight, specialty steel products must be shipped with multiple factors in mind.  From large bridge sections to smaller rods, plates and steel poles, it is vital that your shipping company understands the limitations of moving these oversized loads through urban streets and a cross rural roadways.

Oversized Shipping Considerations

No matter how unconventional your steel shipment may be, Red Dog Logistics is ready to take over.  Whether you load is overweight, over width, or over height, you need a logistics partner to handle every aspect of the job.  From determining what types of trailers you need for transit to obtaining the proper road permits and even making sure the right equipment is available for loading and unloading the trucks upon arrival, Red Dog Logistics takes the stress and chaos out of large scale steel freight shipping.


Heavy Haul Planning

Heavy haul trucking requires a comprehensive game plan.  Any time you must move oversized and specialty steel, a variety of freight shipping options must be considered.  Even if you expect to employ several shipping methods (truck, train and ship), a detailed plan will ensure that your loads gets to its destination on time – and within budget.

To avoid shipping complications, there are a few things that must be considered:

Regulations and Permits

Moving heavy loads along roadways often requires the acquisition of individual permits in certain states, municipalities and even cities.  Red Dog Logistics specializes in knowing what regulations are in place along the shipping route being used, and obtaining all permits required.

In addition to obtaining special permits for moving along certain roadways, most towns, cities and highways have strict regulations regarding when and how oversized loads can move.  For instance, many urban areas restrict oversized load movements to between sunrise to sunset unless a waiver has been issued, allowing nighttime travel.  Others may limit bigger loads on heavy traffic routes during certain times of the day. Knowing exactly when you can move through an area is vital to ensuring that your trucks make it to their designated rest area on time.

Flatbed Limitations

When moving large steel products like plating and poles, it is vital to know the legal limits of all flatbed loads to ensure safe delivery. To find out about individual state size and weight regulations, check with the transportation department of each state your load will travel through.  They will be able to give you detailed lists regarding weight and length requirements for all flatbed loads on their roadways.


Escort Vehicles

Ensuring safe transport is essential when moving large pieces of steel across the country. When travelling by truck, Red Dog Logistics understands the importance of using the right escort vehicles, and makes sure that each transport has the correct pilot car coverage throughout the trip.

Understanding Factors That Could Delay Your Schedule

Moving large steel loads takes time.  Sometimes unforeseen circumstances stall delivery. Using a company that knows how to detect problems before they arise, and that is capable of finding alternative routes when necessary will help you keep schedule delays minimal.

Industry Shipping Leaders

It does not matter why you need to ship large scale steel products, Red Dog Logistics can handle the job. A leader in shipping oversized freight, Red Dog has worked with these industries:

  • Construction
  • Transportation
  • Chemical/Oil
  • Aerospace
  • Metal Works
  • Agriculture
  • Wind


Hiring the Right Shipping Company

Make your next oversized haul an easy one with Red Dog Logistics. Able to tackle even the most complicated shipping job. Red Dog is up to nay challenge. To get a shipping quote for your load or to speak with a trained shipping specialists, contact Red Dog Logistics at

John RediehsOversized and Specialty Steel Freight Shipping Tips

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