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You need to move produce, meat or some other temperature controlled products across the street or across the country. It doesn’t matter how far the truck is going, it needs special handling to ensure that your product arrives fresh, safe and on time. Who do you turn to ensure that your load gets where it is headed? You need a quality reefer trucking company that is experienced in all of the nuances of shipping refrigerated freight.

What is Reefer Trucking?

Reefer trucking is a specialized shipping method that uses temperature controlled trucks to move product.  Driven by experts in the field, reefer truck drivers know exactly how to keep each load at the right temperature so that it arrives at its destination safely and securely.  They have been trained especially in refer trucking and guarantee expert handling.


What Makes Reefer Shipping Unique?

Reefer trucks are temperature controlled vehicles that utilize modern technology to keep temperatures stable; therefore keeping foods and other items fresh.  Understanding when a truck can be stopped; how to refuel without interrupting the cooling cycle; and how to ensure the integrity of the refrigeration process throughout the journey, is vital when shipping items that must remain cold or frozen.


What to Consider When Choosing a Reefer Shipper

When choosing a refrigeration- savvy shipping company, be sure to consider these important factors:

  • Experience: only trucker strained in refrigeration and refer shipping can guarantee that the load is properly cared for throughout the journey.
  • Reputation: satisfied customers are a wonderful way to gauge a company’s efficiency.
  • Ability to Handle Special Circumstances/Contingency Planning: what does the company do when a truck breaks down or road delays interrupts a time sensitive delivery. Make sure any company you choose has contingency plans in place to handle unforeseen circumstances.
  • Logistical Support: does the company know how to handle every aspect of a reefer job?
  • Equipment Availability: what kind/size trucks are available?
  • Service Quality
  • Customer Service Communication : can you get ahold of a service representative any time of the day or night with questions or concerns?
  • Transport Availability: what lead times does the shipping company need?
  • Time Management Strategies
  • Rates


What Does Reefer Shipping Cost?

If you use refrigerated shippers regularly, you know that costs can fluctuate between shipping companies.  One may quote a price that seems reasonable, only to discover later add on charges you had not expected.

With dozens of suppliers available, Red Dog Logistics can send your job out for the absolute best quote. In most cases, you know exactly what the cost will be within minutes.  Our “name your price” method also allows you to set your shipping rates without the fear of additional costs later.  Simply tell us what you want to spend and we will let our shippers know.  If someone is willing to do the job at that price, they accept your offer. If not, we let you know and you can adjust your rate accordingly. It really is that simple.

When you use Red Dog Logistics, you can feel confident that your products will be shipped with the highest standard in mind at the most affordable cost available within the industry.  Our expert handlers pride themselves in their knowledge of refrigerated shipping and will help you develop strategies for getting your products where they need to be without delays.  Their logistical support is unmatched, offering the highest quality customer service in the industry.

Never pay too much to ship your refrigerated products again. Keep costs down with our high volume dealers and competitive pricing.  For more information on satisfying your reefer shipping needs contact Red Dog Logistics today.

John RediehsReefer Trucking Shipping Company

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