Truckload Freight Shipping: Pros and Cons to Consider

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When you’re looking into the different methods for shipping cargo, one method you’ll learn about early on is truckload shipping. Truckload shipping is a method for moving large amounts of cargo—generally, amounts that fill an entire semi-trailer or intermodal container. This type of shipping is carried out by a truckload carrier that contracts an entire trailer-load to a single client. This type of shipping, naturally, is different than LTL, or less-than-truckload chipping. LTL companies will typically mix freight from several customers in each trailer for optimal efficiency. If you’re considering choosing between these two types of shipping, learning more about the pros and cons of truckload freight shipping.

Pros of Truckload Shipping

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Truckload shipping is great for companies who are shipping a large amount of their products at once, as it ensures that everything will arrive at the same time. It’s ideal for shipping a variety of items, though a truckload carrier will typically specialize in moving a specific kind of freight. For instance, some carriers will work directly with shipping perishable items, while other carriers will ship other items. If you’re considering truckload shipping, it’s easy to find a trucking company to accommodate your specific needs.

Truckload shipping is also a fast option for shipping. Typically, the speed for full truckload transport is 47 miles per hour, including traffic jams or long waits at intersections.

Shipping truckloads is also less rigid than you might think. Truckload shipments can and sometimes are broken down into individual containers, further shipped by an LTL company.

Truckload shipments are easier to give quotes for, since the companies are able to easily determine how much space the product is taking up and how much it weighs. With LTL shipments, it can be a bit more of an estimate than an accurate call.

Cons of Truckload Shipping

Truckload shipment isn’t for every company or every shipment, of course. If your products can more easily be split up into multiple shipments, you may be able to find a company who will do LTL shipments for a lower cost. You’ll want to discuss what you’re shipping with a third party logistics company to find out specific pricing levels for different shipping methods.

Another reason that some people shy away from truckload shipping is that packaging for truckload shipments has to be able to withstand more severe handling. When shipments can be split, it can be easier to transport them.

Typically the weight for a truckload shipment will be about 42,000 pounds. On the other hand, LTL shipments typically weigh from 150 pounds to 15,000 pounds. If your shipment is less than 42,000 pounds, you’ll want to choose a different method for shipping than truckload shipping.


Get Help with Shipping, Including Finding Cost Savings When Shipping by the Truckload

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John RediehsTruckload Freight Shipping: Pros and Cons to Consider

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