What to Know About Shipping Rates to Canada

by John Rediehs on November 30, 2015 1 comment

As you consider different companies for your third-party logistics needs, you’ll probably consider—or at least research—big names like UPS, the U.S. Postal Service, and FedEx. Shipping with big name providers can be beneficial for some businesses, since large corporations are generally known for their efficiency. However, it can be more efficient and economical for your business to partner with a smaller logistics company, particularly if you ship a lot of freight to Canada.

Shipping Requirements for Canada-Bound Freight

When you ship cargo or freight to Canada, there are a variety of requirements to meet in order to get the shipment over the border and to its final destination. Across the board, you will need a bill of lading that includes the customs broker name and contact number, and a commercial invoice or CanadaCustoms invoice. If the load is valued at $1,600 CAD or less, you can use a commercial invoice or a CanadaCustoms invoice, but if the load is valued at more than $1600 CAD, you can choose from:

  • A CanadaCustoms Invoice (CCI)
  • A commercial invoice with all of the information included on a CCI
  • A commercial invoice that includes information about the buyer, seller, country of origin, and price paid/payable, as well as a detailed description of the freight, such as quantity. A CCI that provides the remaining information can also be included.

Many LTL (less than truckload) shipments are cleared at the border under a process referred to as the Pre-Arrival Review System, or PARS, which allows for customs brokers to set up review with the Canada Border Services Agency in advance of the arrival of the load. This not only eliminates border congestion but also allows for quicker clearance at customs.

Beyond simply learning what the different shipping rates to Canada are, and filling out the proper paperwork, you must also work with the importer to ensure that your shipment will clear customs. If your shipment is refused at the border, it can cause problems with your client relations, not to mention your supply chain process. With that in mind, it’s essential to work with a logistics provider who knows what the requirements for international shipping are and who will ensure everything is taken care of.

Comparing Shipping Rates to Canada Among Providers

Comparing shipping rates to Canada between big name providers and smaller companies may seem predictable—the big names will be able to get you better deals, right? Interestingly, that may not be the case. Often, big corporations’ inflate their pricing because, due to their size, they no longer feel the need to offer competitive rates. When you choose to partner with a smaller company, such as Red Dog Logistics, that smaller company is more interested in your satisfaction than a large company is, so we work harder to ensure you’re happy.

At Red Dog Logistics, we are proud to offer a variety of shipping modes and freight options to suit all of your business’ needs. Our services include:

  • Truckload services including dry van, flat bed, and oversized: flatbed shipping has been a central product in our line since our inception. Many logistics companies offer flatbed shipping as an ancillary service, but it’s one of Red Dog Logistics’s core offerings. As far as flatbeds are concerned, we offer a number of options to choose from, depending on which will suit your needs. Dry van services are offered within the 48 contiguous United States, and thus are not eligible for comparing shipping rates to Canada. Oversized and specialized shipping options are also available. Depending on what you are shipping, we will work as partners with your business to ensure you’re using the most efficient shipment method for the job.
  • LTL: We’re committed to making selecting a LTL shipment across multiple carriers a simple process. Our quote engine will deliver LTL rates from a variety of both national and regional less-than-truckload carriers.
  • Intermodal: We’re proud to be experts in the door-to-door intermodal market, and we work hard to offer all of our clients the best and most comprehensive options for their shipping needs. We offer 20’, 40’, 45’, and 53’ intermodal containers, and we have contracts with some of the largest intermodal marketing companies, as well as railroads and national carriers.
  • Steam Ship: Ideal for international shipping needs.
  • RFP: We are proud to offer request for proposal management, or RFP service. Our goal with this service is to lower the cost of transportation by a certain percentage.
  • Expedited: When you need to ensure that your shipment arrives on time and under a tight deadline, this service is of great benefit.  
  • Drayage: We have dray partners who transport containers between maritime and rail ports to and from warehouse or distribution centers, both on the coast as well as inland.

At Red Dog Logistics, we’re proud to be a comprehensive third-party logistics provider, and we’ll work as your partner to ensure you are getting the best market rates dependent on equipment availability.


Other Factors That Can Affect Shipping Rates to Canada

Aside from the size of the logistics provider, border costs, and equipment availability, there are many other factors that affect what the freight rate quotes for your job will be. For instance, some major carriers offer additional features such as:

  • Inside pickup/delivery
  • Liftgate service
  • Residential pickup/delivery
  • Holiday and weekend pickup/delivery
  • Trade show pickup/delivery
  • Freezable protection
  • Limited access
  • Call before delivery
  • Extreme length (greater than 15 ft.)
  • Sorting and segregating pieces

These features can be beneficial, but it’s important to note that they will make your overall shipping rates to Canada increase. At Red Dog Logistics, we will continually strive to find and offer the best rates for our services to our clients.

How to Get a Quote from Red Dog Logistics

At Red Dog Logistics, we’re proud of our instant rating engine, which can be accessed here. Using this engine, you enter the origin address and destination, as well as information about what you are shipping and what type of shipment method you want to use (LTL, door-to-door intermodal, 53-ft. dry van, or 48 ft. flatbed), and within minutes, you’ll be provided with a quote. If you’re not satisfied with our quote, you can suggest your own price, and we will either accept or reject that price. If that price is not feasible, you will still have the option to book your freight with the initial quote given.  

Red Dog Logistics is proud to be a third-party logistics provider that can accommodate many different requests, including offering competitive shipping rates to Canada. When you’re looking for a company that can handle your freight going to Canada, we’re proud to say we can get the job done.

To learn more about our services, or to get shipping rates to Canada for your freight loads and supply chain jobs, feel free to contact us at anytime. We strive for total customer satisfaction, and we work hard to bring our clients the best rates available.

Cost-Effective Options

We constantly take into account market conditions, equipment availability, demand, and other factors to offer our customers and partners the most cost-effective options. Contact us today to learn more about shipping rates to Canada, LTL and intermodal shipping, or any of our other services.

And see more information about our freight class calculator:

John RediehsWhat to Know About Shipping Rates to Canada

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