Reliable Shipping and Logistics in Alabama from Red Dog Logistics

Reliable Shipping and Logistics in Alabama from Red Dog Logistics

For all of your logistics needs, Red Dog Logistics is ready to step up to the plate. As a full service logistics company, we take pride in providing an array of logistical solutions for small, independent-user businesses to multi-billion dollar companies.

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Red Dog has built a foundation of data, experience, and analytics that are integrated into every product we offer. Our expertise is in the transportation market and we guide our customers to make the best transportation decision for their supply chain. Red Dog Logistics is fully committed to maintaining the quality of our products and we work tirelessly to ensure you experience is positive and beneficial with every transaction.

New Alabama Freight Quotes from Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog has introduced a new online freight-quoting tool. This tool is built around giving instant freight quotes online for flatbed, dry vans, LTL, and door-to-door intermodal shipments. The process is simple and free with no registration necessary. All you need is your origin location, destination, and weight of the shipment, and our system will give you an instant quote within seconds. After the quoting process has given you a price, you have several choices when it comes to what you do next: 1) You can use the pricing to compare costs with the carrier you are currently using; 2) You can name your own freight rate that you want and our logistical professionals will get you an answer within 5 minutes if we can do it for that price; 3) You can choose to book the load through our online booking platform at the quoted rate. We stand behind our freight quotes! If you need a rate or are just curious please feel free to use our freight quoting system to learn more about what we can do for you. Red Dog Logistics wants to help our customers and users get quick answers and capacity for their shipments with trucking companies in Mobile, AL, as well as all over the state. Start today by getting an accurate Alabama freight quote and go from there.

What We Provide

Red Dog Logistics provides larger supply chain transportation products and solutions from Alabama trucking companies as well as services for shippers that are moving consistent and large volume shipments. Red Dog Logistics handles RFP’s for LTL, dry van, reefer, intermodal, and steamship products. We work with our trusted vendors to provide consistent capacity, pricing, and service to keep your supply chain in working order at a reasonable cost. Red Dog Logistics will work to understand the details that affect the flow of your product and manufacturing, and we will look to eliminate perceived risks in your transportation design. Red Dog Logistics continues to innovate our transportation process and design and is always looking for predictive patterns of disruption. Once these disruptions are charted we incorporate them into our process and that allows us to get in front of a higher percentage of problems before they occur.

Get Started On Alabama Shipping and Logistics Today

Red Dog Logistics works through the big cities like Birmingham, Montgomery, and Tuscaloosa but also provides capacity and solutions for the small towns and cities throughout Alabama. We look forward to providing innovative transportation solutions for all sized companies. Get started working with us today by getting an Alabama freight rate, reaching out to our sales department, or looking over more of our products on our products page.