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Arizona Shipping Company Red Dog Logistics

Shippers today are looking for transportation partners that are able to bring value through service, capacity, and price to their supply chain. Red Dog Logistics built its products around creating value in the supply chain for our customers. Our products are easy and convenient to use and give information to our customers and users that allow them to make instant decisions on their supply chain. We take the wait out of logistics, by making our transportation information available at all times to our customers.

We do this through our online rating platform. This platform was built on years of data and analysis and an understanding of spot markets throughout the year. We are constantly monitoring the markets looking for shifts that can create opportunities in pricing or capacity. We then organize all this changing data into our online rating platform that can give instant Arizona freight quotes online for Arizona shipping companies’ standard flatbed, dry vans, door to door intermodals, and LTL shipments. We offer the pricing online free of charge and is available to the general public and our customers.

What We Offer You for Alaska Shipping and Trucking

Red Dog Logistics works with thousands of transportation vendors that include Arizona trucking companies, intermodal carriers, rail, steamship, and local and national LTL carriers. We excel at understanding and organizing this network to leverage pricing and availability that will help optimize any supply chain. We work closely with all of our vendors to create a high level of customer services and are constantly checking insurance and safety ratings to make sure that our customers’ shipments are on DOT satisfactory rated vendors.

Red Dog Logistics also focuses on optimizing supply chains in the long term through our contract team. This product is built around working on understanding your specific shipments needs within your and your customers supply chain. We look to evaluate inventory, lead times and transit times to get a complete view of timing regarding your shipments’ effect in the supply chain. Once we have this data set we go to work optimizing inventory, transit times and cost to provide a solution with one of our Arizona logistics companies that will offer the most value to you and your customers. If you are interested in looking into our contract products please feel free to reach out to our sales department at 888-906-3622.

Getting Started is Easy with Accurate Arizona Freight Quotes

Red Dog Logistics has many shipping companies in Arizona that we currently do business with and we are always looking to add value for new shippers in the state. We work in the large metropolitan areas like Phoenix and Tucson but we also provide transportation solutions for the entire state. We make shipping fun and easy. You can start today by just checking our rates online using our rating engine, and if you have a larger project to tackle give us a call and we will start with a simple assessment of your needs and supply chain. We stand at attention and understand the way to keep customers is through communication, performance and overall customer service. We at Red Dog Logistics look forward to working with you in the near future for Arizona trucking and shipping!