Arkansas Trucking Companies & Logistics for National Shipping

Arkansas Trucking & Logistics Company for National Shipping

Red Dog Logistics provides transportation services to and from the state of Arkansas for dry van shipments, flatbed shipments, intermodal shipments and LTL shipments. The state of Arkansas is home to several large corporations, including Walmart.

The eastern border of the state is outlined by the Mississippi River and provides water access to the gulf and the Great Lakes. Several rail lines run through the state providing access to rail transportation. All of these factors mean that shipping is big business to and from Arkansas, and at Red Dog Logistics, we have a transportation and shipping network that provides same-day capacity for all full truck load and LTL shipments, and a three day window for intermodal moves.

Instant National Arkansas Shipping Quotes

To facilitate and expedite that shipping process, Red Dog logistics offers an instant quoting engine. The online rate quote tool provides access to a free online freight rating engine that gives instant Arkansas freight rate quotes for 53’ dry van, 48’ flatbed, LTL, and 53’ intermodal container shipments.

Moreover, you can schedule your shipment immediately after you receive your instant quote, saving you time.

Arkansas Dry Van Trucking Service

Red Dog Logistics continues to expand the dry van network for the state of Arkansas. Our network currently provides services from trucking companies in Arkansas to the entire state including the large cities of Little Rock and Fort Smith. Dry van shipping capacity varies from locations throughout the state, with many of the areas in southwest Arkansas experiencing shortages. We take in to account the shifts in demand such as these, and work hard to offer current market pricing for dry van shipments to our customers. Market pricing does not always work for every shipper -- some would rather deal with contract pricing that promises them a locked-in cost on an annual basis to help with forecast of the department’s budgetthroughout the year. To ease those concerns, our logistics department will provide contract pricing that will stabilize the rate throughout the year and provide consistent service and capacity at a high level of customer satisfaction.

Flatbed Trucking Services

Red Dog Logistics currently services the entire state, and also has several Arkansas trucking companies that offer large flatbed shippers located in the northeast corner of the state. We monitor the Arkansas flatbed market routinely, looking for great prices or opportunities in capacity or pricing that we can offer our customers. Our Arkansas logistics providers offer 48-foot flatbed equipment that routinely hauls steel, palletized roofing, and wood products throughout the state. Red Dog Logistics strives to bring several solutions to flatbed shippers including access to several different flatbed trailers, including hot shots, specialized, various lengths, and drops. As a logistics company, we have the expertise necessary for providing shippers with market pricing as well as the option to enter into contract pricing for shipments for consistency in frequency and cost.

Intermodal Transport Service in Arkansas

Intermodal transportation is limited in Arkansas because of the distance from intermodal terminals to and from their origin and destinations within the state, however we do our best. The main intermodal ramp that currently services Arkansas is located just off the border in Memphis, TN. Because this is the only ramp servicing the state, it limits the effective use of the intermodal shipments because of the long drays and lack of equipment located throughout the state, and in order to offer our customers comprehensive services, Red Dog Logistics can give instant Arkansas freight rate quotes for cities located within a 100-mile radius of Memphis. If you are looking for a rate quote for cities that fall outside of this radius you will need to contact our quotes department at

LTL Services with Arkansas Trucking Companies

Red Dog Logistics has contracts with the local LTL trucking companies that service the regional and intrastate moves in Arkansas, but we also have contracts with nationwide LTL trucking companies in Arkansas. Red Dog Logistics’ rate quote tool allows our LTL customers to get great instant quotes and rates. As one of the best LTL logistics companies in Arkansas,we have the expertise, technology and network to bring instant rating information to our LTL customers, allowing them to make quick shipping decisions regarding their LTL shipments.

To learn more about our services, contact Red Dog Logistics today and get an accurate Arkansas freight quote.