Red Dog Logistics: Trucking Company in California

Red Dog has a large logistical presence in the state of California. The state is a hub for supply chain activities because of its geographic location and size. It is the largest food producing state in the country, responsible for 70 percent of the U.S. produce market. California has access to water ports, rail and interstates highways leading to both domestic and international markets.

california trucking company

California business and import products demand a large amount of inbound and outbound capacity in dry van, flatbed, LTL and intermodal shipments. Red Dog provides the standard instant California freight quotes online for all of these types of equipment. In addition to the instant rate quotes and capacity, Red Dog Logistics provides contract and RFP products for specialized, steamship and specific truckload equipment shipments. Red Dog Logistics has the knowledge and network of trucking companies in California to get the shipment delivered safely and on time.

Dry Van Trucking Services in California

Red Dog Logistics is a logistics company that will be able to provide instant dry van freight rates and capacity for the state for intrastate, inbound and outbound dry van shipments. Red Dog Logistics network is comprised of California trucking companies as well as companies that deliver dry van shipments into the state on a regular basis. Red Dog Logistics is able to tap into dry van back haul capacity when applicable, and is able to match head haul lanes with the appropriate network to provide the best value in cost.
Red Dog has extensive knowledge on both spot market and contract dry van shipments. Due to seasonality of demand for dry van capacity in the state, it is important to have a transportation partner like Red Dog Logistics to manage the data and capacity to make sure your supply chain runs smoothly. We understand the truckload capacity and are able to add value on the spot market through our rating engine. This engine will provide instant California freight rates, and we manage or dry van contract business by locking down rates throughout out our network.

Flatbed Trucking in California

Red Dog Logistics provides flatbed capacity throughout California. We have 48’ flatbeds available through our online engine rating, which will provide free instant rate quotes for inbound, outbound, or interstate shipments. Red Dog Logistics professionals will also be able to secure RFP and contract flatbed rates for long-term and consistent movements.
Red Dog's network of trucking companies in California covers the major metro areas like Los Angeles, Sacramento, Fresno and San Francisco. The network provides service for all cities in the state and has several different options for flatbed trailers types to handle all sorts of cargo. If you are looking for a specific type of trailer please reference our flatbed page under services on the home page.

California Intermodal Services

California is home to the largest seaports in the United States. These seaports are the main terminals for many import and export activities among manufacturers and retail customers in the United States. A large percentage of these products come in via container and steam ship, thus the demand for intermodal rail is very high and, depending on the season capacity, outbound or inbound can dry up due to the shortage of equipment.
Red Dog Logistics is a partner with large California intermodal carriers. These partnerships allow us to give the best visibility, capacity and rates for spot shipments. The intermodal rating engine is able to give instant rate quotes for inbound and outbound shipments. If you have consistent intermodal volume and need pricing, Red Dog Logistics can provide intermodal contract rates for all shipments. If you need instant California freight rates, please start by clicking “Instant Rate Quote” at the top of the page.

LTL Transportation Services

Red Dog Logistics has contracts with the local less-than-truckload and pallet moving trucking companies that service the regional and intrastate moves in California, while also having contracts with the national companies to service all LTL and pallet shipments throughout the United States and Canada that originate in the state.
Red Dog’s freight rating engine allows our customers in California and for those shipping to the state to get instant less-than-truckload quotes and pallet rates. As a top logistics company, Red Dog has the expertise, technology and relationships to bring instant California shipping rate information to our customers, thus allowing them to make quick shipping decisions.
Our online order management module allows instant LTL dispatch and continued tracking options throughout the shipment life of the load. Our module is built to bring efficiency, knowledge and options to our customers. Red Dog’s less-than-truckload rates are competitive and allow small shippers to interact with our volume rates.