Florida Trucking & Logistics Companies for National Shipping

When you’re looking for reliable Florida logistics companies, you’ll love working with Red Dog Logistics. We offer shipping and other services and are proud to be a top logistics company when it comes to dealing with spot market and contract shipments with in the United States.

We have developed proprietary rating data to give instant rates on several modes for capacity in every market in the United States. By providing instant freight quotes online we are able to give free information to the general public and our customer base. Red Dog Logistics is simplifying the spot market shipping process by automation and breaking down the barriers of access to the information.

Instant Florida Freight Quotes from Trucking Companies

Red Dog Logistics provides instant Florida freight quotes for intermodal, dry van, flatbed and LTL shipments. Red Dog’s automation does not just stop at the rate. We back up all of our rate quotes with capacity. If we give you a rate, we will move it for that rate. Our dispatch process takes less than five minutes and then our logistics department will do the rest. Start shipping with us by clicking to get an instant Florida shipping quote now. Our logistics professional are trained to follow the process through to ensure you and your shipment will not have an issue.
For those shippers who are looking for complete supply chain solutions we have developed the contract product. The contract product works for shippers who are looking for comprehensive supply chain solutions for movements with consistent frequency and destinations. We work with thousands of Florida trucking companies and transportation vendors to pick the right mode and vendor that will fit your supply chain goals. We currently do contract pricing for import, export, steamship, intermodal, dry van, flatbed, reefer and LTL shipments. We will work closely with your company to understand the different dynamics of you and your customer’s supply chain. Understanding the domino effect of one’s shipments allows Red Dog Logistics to choose the most cost effective solution that will not disrupt the flow of the complete supply chain. If you are in a need of a contract solution, please reach out to our sales department at 888-906-3622 or start a chat today—we’re ready to help.

New Solutions from Trucking Companies in Florida and Beyond

Red Dog Logistics continues to develop new transportation solutions to bring to our customers and the general product. We focus on providing transparency to through the entire transportation process. The more information that we can bring to our customers in real time, the better they are able to make quicker informed decisions about their transportation and complete supply chain needs.

Get Started with a Florida Shipping Rate Quote Today

To find out more information about a specific mode or transportation service please feel free to check out the products page on the home page. Red Dog Logistics services small cities in Florida as well as major cities including Miami, Tampa, Orlando and Jacksonville. We work hard to make sure that our customers are happy and worry-free when it comes to logistics. Start your journey today with Red Dog Logistics by getting a Florida freight quote today.