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Georgia Trucking Company Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics makes shipping through Georgia easy. The state is a mecca for production, manufacturing, and distribution. Navigating the countless modes, carriers, and options can put a strain on any supply chain. Red Dog simplifies the logistics of Georgia transportation.We have broken the market down to include spot and contract pricing across several single modes as well as intermodal solutions. We make our spot market knowledge available to all of our customers and users so they can get free instant freight quotes online. For larger jobs that are consistent in destination or in volume, we will price it through our contract department.

They take the time to set up vendors out of the trucking companies in our Georgia network to provide stable pricing and consistency over a longer time period. By providing a consistent contract price, our customers are free from capacity and pricing issues caused by shifts in market demand. The transportation model at Red Dog Logistics is to make sure that we are providing the information and choices to our customers for them to make sound and quick decisions about their supply chain in the near and far term.

Work with a Complete Network of Georgia Shipping and Trucking Companies

Red Dog’s spot market transportation solution was designed to provide instant value and information to our customers and users. It uses daily data to understand the different mode markets throughout the United States, and shifts pricing based on capacity. This information is proprietary to Red Dog Logistics and is made possible by our carrier and vendor network. We offer instant rates for 53’ dry van, 48’ flatbeds, 53’ intermodal, and LTL shipments. Intermodal coverage is designated by the network of the product and does not give instant Georgia shipping rates for every location in the United States. Our current intermodal spot market pricing includes 80% of the continental U.S.

We are a complete logistics company in Georgia and provide a complete product that includes air, steamship, and drayage shipping both domestically and internationally. If you are looking for complete supply chain management, Red Dog has the experience and the team to get the job done. For more specific information regarding our services please feel free to reach out to sales at 888-906-3622.

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Red Dog works with several different shipping companies in Georgia, specifically serving Atlanta, Savannah, and Augusta. The network is not confined to these cities and we do service the rest of the state, but we have a large contingent of Georgia trucking companies headquartered in these cities.

Red Dog Logistics always is learning and evolving its services, products, and knowledge striving to stay ahead of emerging trends within the supply chain. Our mission is to be an extension and trusted partner of our customers and their customers, providing on time deliveries, and out of the box solutions.The solutions are driven by decreasing lead times and price while increasing efficiency and value. Red Dog stands to run, if you are looking to learn more about the Dog and its capabilities start today by launching a chat or clicking the banner below..