Instant Rate Engine

Red Dog Logistics’ Instant Rating Engine

At Red Dog Logistics, we are dedicated to being able to provide free, no-strings-attached freight rates to our potential clients. In order to do this, we have developed advanced algorithms that provide us with the data we need in minutes. Everyday, transportation market data changes based on demand and availability in different regions. Keeping up with the daily spot market trends is a full time job and Red Dog Logistics has invested considerable time and effort in becoming experts on providing spot market rates for door to door intermodal shipments, truckload van shipments, truckload flatbed shipments, and LTL shipments. Pairing the results of the algorithms with our extensive contract software, we are able to provide daily spot market pricing to all freight consumers.

Why You Need Instant Online Rates Fast?

What does everybody need in transportation? The answer is rates. Rates are at the forefront of everything that is to come during the transportation process.

Our goal when we started our Red Dog Rating Engine was to gain the ability to provide instant door to door intermodal rates, instant 53’ dry van rates, instant LTL Rates, and instant flatbed rates to our customers. This speeds up the process of locking down freight plans, and makes your job easier.

Planning Ahead with Red Dog Logistics Online Rates Engine

The freight rating engine is the start of the process of planning for transportation movements yet this rate is only information if our consumer cannot execute the shipment on it.

We stand by our free freight rates that we provide to our consumers and allow them the option to book shipments through our online portal. The portal will honor the shipping rates that we provide through Red Dog’s free freight rates rating engine.

Red Dog Logistics has consolidated the rating process and shipping process into a single online portal. To learn more, contact us today.