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Iowa Trucking & Shipping Service Companies

Red Dog Logistics continues to innovate and bring transportation solutions to the market that allow our customers and users to instantly access online pricing information and availability on multiple modes of equipment. The Red Dog network has grown to include transportation vendors for dry van, refrigerated, flatbed, LTL, specialized, steam ship, intermodal, and air transport. Red Dog is a full service logistics company with the background, experience, and technology to get the job done.

A Network of Trucking and Shipping Companies in Iowa

Red Dog Logistics introduced our online rating platform to help the market segment that needs information on shipments instantly. The online freight quoting platform gives access to our users and customers to market freight quotes across intermodal, dry van, flatbed, and LTL trucking companies in Iowa. The platform allows users to book the load online once they have received their free Iowa freight quote. If the user chooses not to book with our original quote, they are given the option to name their own quote on the shipment. The Red Dog Logistics team will then take a quick look at capacity in the region and if they are able to honor the requested price, the user will get an answer within five minutes. Otherwise they will have the option to book with the original price.

The process is quick, easy, and seamless; the time from quote to dispatch happens in less than five minutes. At Red Dog Logistics we want to give our consumers the information to make informed decisions on their shipping choices, and connect them with the best shipping and trucking companies in Iowa. Red Dog looks forward to working with you on your transportation needs.

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A Reliable Logistics Company to Ship to & From Iowa

Red Dog Logistics offers more in-depth supply chain transportation services for shippers looking for consistent pricing for lanes and networks. Working with our vendors and understanding our customer’s shipments we look to optimize lead time, mode, service, and cost. Red Dog’s goal is to offer the most value to our customers through network optimization and mode selection. Red Dog takes the time to understand the multiple variables that can disrupt the flow of your products and your customer’s products. We will look to eliminate as much risk as possible when designing and implementing the dog’s transportation plan.

Expansive Network of Iowa Trucking Companies

Red Dog Logistics has a large presence, working many transportation vendors and trucking companies in Iowa. Red Dog covers the entire state including the larger cities of Des Moines, Cedar Rapids, and Iowa City. Working with Red Dog Logistics is easy, quick, and we make ourselves accessible 24/7. Understanding the importance of customer service and communication we have developed a transportation process that we use on every sing transaction. The process is built to help identify problems before they happen and to reroute or inform all parties involved to make sure everyone involved is on the same page.

Call Red Dog today at 888-906-3622 and we can start optimizing your transportation design. If you are looking for more specific info on our capabilities please reference our services.

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