Shipping & Logistics Companies in Maryland for Trucking

Shipping and Logistics Companies in Maryland for Trucking

For your Maryland shipping and transportation needs, you’ll love working with Red Dog Logistics. Here, we strive to offer all of our clients the Maryland freight quotes and availability information they need, as quickly as possible. Our network consists of transportation vendors for a variety of shipping methods, including:

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  • Dry van
  • LTL
  • Flat bed
  • Refrigerated
  • Steam ship
  • Intermodal
  • Specialized
  • Air transport

We use our experience and expertise, as well as information from the market, to provide our customers with up-to-date Maryland shipping quotes so they can conveniently book their shipping.

Trustworthy Logistics Connecting You to Maryland Shipping Companies

When you work with Red Dog Logistics, you’ll be able to get an instant Maryland freight rate quote for shipments across a number of different modes. Using our online tool, you’ll receive immediate access to market rates, and you’ll have the option to either book the load online, or request your own stated price. The Red Dog Logistics team will then analyze capacity in the region and determine if your requested price is feasible. If for some reason we reject the quote, you will have the option to book at the initial rate provided.

The process is designed to be streamlined and easy for our customers: The time from quote to dispatch can be as little as five minutes. At Red Dog Logistics, our goal is to help our customers make the most informed decisions possible about their shipments. By connecting them with the top trucking companies in Maryland, they can do exactly that.

A Network of Reliable Trucking Companies in Maryland

As part of our in-depth supply chain transportation services, Red Dog Logistics provides consistent pricing along lanes and networks. We work with each of our customers extensively to understand their individual shipping needs, and we partner with our network of trucking companies in Maryland to optimize lead time, mode, service, and cost. Through this optimization, our goal is to offer our clients the most value possible in our services.

We work to eliminate risk and streamline the shipping and transportation process. Red Dog Logistics has a large presence, working with many shipping companies in Maryland to cover the entire state, including Baltimore, as well as smaller cities such as Gaithersburg, Hagerstown, Rockville, and more. We make ourselves accessible 24/7, because we understand the importance of customer service and communication. Our process is designed to identify and resolve problems as they arise, and to inform all involved parties to ensure the transportation and shipping process runs smoothly.

To start working with Red Dog Logistics, call us today at 888-906-3622. We’re ready to start optimizing your transportation needs.