Shipping, Logistics & Trucking Companies in Massachusetts


Red Dog Logistics Inc. is built to provide transportation solutions to our customers that are quick and relevant. That is why we built on our online freight quoting platform.

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The quoting platform allows our users and customers to get instant online freight quotes for multiple modes of transportation in less than thirty seconds. We can connect you to many of the best trucking companies in Massachusetts.

Working with Shipping Companies in Massachusetts

Working with our quoting platform is easy and quick, all you need is your shipments origin, destinations, weight, and mode choice. Once you input this information into our system, it will return a rate for any origin and destination with in the continental United States. The system will allow you to choose from four modal choices depending on your specific needs.

  • 48 Ft Flatbed
    • Can be loaded from the side, from above, and from the rear
    • Will need tarps if product needs to stay dry
    • Weight capacity: 46,500 lbs.
    • 48’ in length and 102” in width
    • Quick transit times between 400-500 miles a day traveled
  • 53 Ft. Dry Van
    • Can be loaded from the rear and needs a dock
    • Weight capacity: 44,000 lbs.
    • 53’ in length and 102” in width
    • Quick transit between 400-500 Miles a day traveled
  • Door-To-Door Intermodal
    • Can be loaded from the rear and needs a dock
    • 53’ in length and 98” in width
    • Weight capacity: 42,500 lbs.
    • Long transit times due to rail exchange 25% longer
  • LTL Shipments
    • Can be loaded from the rear
    • Weight: up to 10,000 lbs
    • Length restrictions: up to 20ft
    • Transit times can vary

Once you have gotten your quote you are able to ship with us for that price, or if you are looking for a different price you can chose to select the “Name your own quote” button. There it will ask you to supply us with your requested rate and then submit. Once you have submitted the rate, our system will search capacity and let you know within five minutes if we are able to accept your load at the lower rate. Either way, you are able to then begin the booking process online that will take less than five minutes from start to finish. Start by getting a quote with the Dog today.

Top Logistics Company

Red Dog Logistics is full-service transportation company with expertise. We understand how to handle:

  • Complete traffic management
  • Network optimization
  • International shipping
  • RFP management
  • Carrier/vendor management

Please reach out to our contract department to speak more ineptly on what the Dog can do for your supply chain. Red Dog Logistics works with several companies located through Massachusetts in large cities of Boston and Worcester, as well as small towns throughout the states. Red Dog works with many of the most reliable transportation vendors and trucking companies in Massachusetts, and we have the network, experience, and knowledge to get the job done.