Red Dog Logistics: Trucking Company in Michigan

As a Michigan logistics company, we handle transportation for supply chains in several industries that are based in the state. We have a great truckload network that caters to flatbed shipments, dry van shipments and multi-modal truckload shipments like door-to-door intermodal. Red Dog also has a large network of LTL trucking companies in Michigan that provides transportation solutions to the state.

Our instant freight rating engine is able to provide instant transportation rates for the state for flatbed, dry van, LTL and certain intermodal shipments. The state is home to several ports, waterways, rail and highways that go to Canada and the rest of the United States. It's a great place for a company to be based out of because of the amount of transportation options available. 

Flatbed Transportation Services

Flatbed transportation in Michigan has specific laws on the book that allow for larger payloads due to the amount of axles on the trailer. These specific laws allow for multi-axle flatbeds to move higher payload weights, which in turn reduce cost and increase the transportation efficiency. Red Dog Logistics understands the rules in regulations in Michigan regarding heavy haul setups, and we have a flatbed carrier network that has the ability to provide capacity for this type of movement. Red Dog Logistics provides instant Michigan flatbed rate quotes for shippers. These rate quotes includes a standard 48’ flatbed, if you are in need of a different trailer, you will need to reach out to our team to request a customized quote. All flatbed rates are instant and free for 48’ flatbeds, and Red Dog is able to provide rates throughout origin and destinations spots in Michigan. Red Dog currently services several steel customers in the Detroit, Grand Rapids and Sawyer areas. We have several other flatbed customers located throughout the state, and Red Dog has the capacity to handle all shipments.

Dry Van Trucking Services in Michigan

Red Dog Logistics currently provides dry van capacity to shippers for both inbound and outbound shipments. Red Dog has a large network of dry van trucking companies in Michigan that currently reside in or run to Michigan, and we are able to tap into this capacity for backhaul opportunities and head hauls. The Red Dog freight rating engine allows shippers to get free instant Michigan dry van rate quotes online and to book shipments through our online order management system. If you are a shipper with regular tonnage and are looking for a contract rate, please feel free to reach out to our logistics department to get a rate.

Michigan LTL Transportation Services

Red Dog Logistics has contracts with the local Michigan trucking companies that provide LTL services in the state. We also work with the national less-than-truckload companies to service all LTL shipments throughout the United States and Canada.
Red Dog’s freight rating engine allows our customers in Michigan and those shipping to the state to get great instant Michigan freight quotes and rates. Red Dog has the technology, expertise and relationships to bring instant rating information to our customers.
Our online order management module allows instant dispatch and continued tracking options throughout the shipment life of the LTL load. Our module is built to bring efficiency and knowledge to customers.

Michigan Intermodal Services

Red Dog Logistics provides instant Michigan intermodal freight rates for cities located within 100 miles of Detroit and for cities located 100 miles from the Chicago terminal. For intermodal shipments in Michigan that fall outside the above scenario, you will need to contact our logistics department to get a customized rate quote. Red Dog deals with several companies that have experience and equipment to get the job done. Our logistics department will work closely with our customers to provide contract rates for long-term intermodal movements to help with the stabilization of cost and forecasting.
If you interested in getting an instant Michigan freight rate quote, please feel free to click the "Instant Rate Quote" button at the top of the page.