Minnesota Trucking Companies for Shipment Transportation

Minnesota Trucking Companies for Shipment Transportation

Red Dog Logistics provides transportation products for shippers and consumers of all sizes. Our products are built to be applicable to single load movements as well as to complete supply chain transportation management.

We work with thousands of transportation partners including trucking companies in Minnesota to make sure that your shipments get to where they need to be on time and in one piece. We are constantly gathering and analyzing data to make sure that our products are on top of the market and give you information and choices that will get your shipments moved.

Online Quotes for Shipping to and from Minnesota from Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics’ online freight quoting platform gives instant freight quotes for multiple modes of transportation, with no registration or sign up required. You will be able to get instant quotes for flatbed, dry van, LTL, and door-to-door intermodal services. In less than five minutes, you can receive a quote and book your shipment online through our order management system.

If you are not fully satisfied with your quote, you have the ability to requesta rate. Once that rate has been submitted, our system will check for capacity in that market and will be able to accept or deny the requested price within five minutes.

Regardless of the outcome, we will always honor the original rate and allow you to book your load at that price on the online platform. Shipping is made easy with Red Dog Logistics. From getting a quote to dispatching the load, the process takes less than five minutes.

Get started today by getting an instant rate quote!

Optimizing Your Shipping Needs and Process

Red Dog Logistics is always looking for new customers to work with tooptimize their transportation process and decision-making. Red Dog Logistics has vast experience in planning and implementing transportation designs for single lanes, multiple lanes, and complete supply chains.

Extensive Shipping & Logistics Network in Minnesota

Red Dog Logistics starts any process by learning more aboutyour current needs and future needs for shipments. They will then go to work with mode, vendor and price selection. Red Dog Logistics works through major cities in Minnesota including Minneapolis, St Paul, Duluth, as well as all the small towns and cities throughout the state. We work with thousands of vendors and Minnesota logistics companies in steamship, import/export, dry van, drayage, flatbed, dry van, door-to-door intermodal, and specialized service. Through this network,we are able to leverage relationships and knowledge to provide the most valued vendors to our customers. The value is derived from pricing, service, and lead time optimization. Consult with one of Red Dog Logistics’ sales associates if you have questions regarding volume work at 888-906-3622.

Working with us is easy--we give you the tools and information to make informed decisions quickly on your shipments and transportation needs. Work with Red Dog Logistics and experience a high level of service, speed, and rest assured that we’ll get the job done.

Start automating your supply chain transportation today and eliminate hassles, service issues, and lack of scale. Red Dog Logistics is a top logistics company that will get your products to any place you need!