Nebraska Trucking Company for National Shipment Logistics

Nebraska Trucking Company for National Shipment Logistics

At Red Dog Logistics, our pride is in the fact that our products make it easy to optimize your transportation, quoting, and supply chain decisions. Red Dog Logistics uses data, analysis, and technology to build transportation products that bring value to the smallest and largest shippers in the world.

We have introduced an online quoting platform for shippers that are looking to get quick, no-strings-attached freight quotes. We work with other trucking companies in Nebraska to supply solutions for large-scale transportation design project, RFP Management, vendor sourcing, and lane analysis programs. Red Dog Logistics will work to optimize the value of you shipments through analysis and network optimization.

Free Online Freight Quotes in Nebraska for Trucking & Shipping Services

For those shippers looking for quick shipping solutions, Red Dog Logistics has created the perfect online platform that leverages information and network access to bring the information to you, the customer, instantly online. The platform provides instant Nebraska freight quotes for origins and destinations in the continental United States. The quotes are available for flatbed, dry van, LTL, and intermodal shipments. Once a quote has been given, you have several ways you can act on that information to work with a Nebraska trucking company:

  1. You can choose to use that quote to benchmark with and shop around.
  2. You can book the shipment online with Red Dog Logistics.
  3. You can choose to use the “name your own rate” feature and offer a counter to our price with one of your own. We will then review that request within five minutes and either choose to accept your price or offer you the original quoted price.

Full Service Shipping in Nebraska from Red Dog Logistics

No matter what option our users go with, we know that eachof our website’s visitors leaves more educated on transportation, able to make an informed decision on how to proceed with their shipment. We want to make the transportation process simple and with as few barriers as possible.

Start working with Red Dog Logistics today by getting an instant rate quote, or call us anytime.

Red Dog Logistics National Services in Nebraska

Red Dog Logistics is a full service logistics company with the ability to handle complete transportation management, optimization and supply chain design. Our contract products are built around providing service to shippers with consistency and volume. We analyze your transportation system currently and look for improvements or area where value can be added regarding service, price, and or capacity. The dog works with thousands of vendors from steam ship, air, LTL, dry van, intermodal, bulk, and flatbed shipments. Red Dog Logistics has the experience and data to optimize your shipments. Get started today by reaching out to our sales department at 888-906-3622.

Red Dog Logistics is constantly evolving our products and our company to keep our customers shipments moving. We offer services throughout the entire state of Nebraska including the large cities of Omaha, Lincoln, and Bellevue. We’re ready to get to work, and you can trust you will be in good hands if you choose to ship with the dog. For more information on specific service contact us today!