New Jersey Trucking and Shipping Companies

New Jersey Logistics and Shipping Services from Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics provides transportation and logistical services for the entire state of New Jersey. We offer a variety of transportation products to suit every size and kind of shipper in the New Jersey area.

Red Dog Logistics’ transactional product is built to provide access to free spot pricing across multiple modes in the US domestic market, while our contract products are built to provide consistent pricing, service, and availability for shipments with consistency in frequency and volume. We provide both contract and spot quotes for international movements of product as well, both inbound and outbound to/from the United States. We have connections with the best freight companies in NJ to give you the best results with every shipment.

Instant New Jersey Freight Rate Quotes Online

Our instant freight rating tool gives free freight rate quotes for flatbed, dry van, intermodal, and LTL shipments throughout the United States. We offer both expedited and standard options on all of the modes. Our aim is to educate our customers and users as quickly as possible about pricing and availability in geographic locations. This information allows our customers to make informed decisions on how to proceed with their supply chain decisions. We also back up our pricing with capacity, always giving our users and customers the option to ship with us, using New Jersey trucking companies. We make the entire process very simple, and your project can be can be booked and sent in less than five minutes from quote to dispatch. If you are interested in getting online New Jersey freight quotes, start today by using our “Instant Rate Quote” tool.

Our instant rates are compiled through market data on a daily basis, and we are able to shift pricing based on capacity and season. The data behind our rates is built around network analysis and raw market data. We stand behind this data, and use it to create a transportation solution for shippers who do not have high volume or consistency.

Our Network of Shipping Companies in NJ and Across the Nation

Red Dog Logistics uses a network of trucking and transportation companies in NJ to service both local and long haul shipments. We tap into this network to help with and capitalize on backhaul opportunities when applicable,but primarily to offer consistent capacity and service for head haul shipments. Our objective is to provide a consistent product for our clients.

Additionally, our contract department is able to handle RFP work for any kind of mode needed with NJ trucking companies. We have experience in providing contract service for specialized, door-to-door international, reefer, intermodal, flatbed and dry van shipments. Red Dog Logistics will take a thorough look at your specific shipments and their effect on your supply chain, because we want to understand how they may disrupt production, inventory, and operations for you and your customers’ supply chains. We will take this information into consideration when choosing modes, carriers, and solutions, which will optimize cost and timing. Our goal is to provide the most cost effective contractual solution while still making sure that the shipments will never disrupt your or your customers’ supply chains. With our network of reliable trucking companies in NJ, you can get what you want from our logistics services.

Get Reliable New Jersey Shipping and Logistics Services with Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics is a full service logistics company serving New Jersey as well as companies all over the United States, and we are always looking to provide information, value, and amazing customer service to our clients. If you are interested in working with us, or you want more information, feel free to contact us at 888-906-3622. As one of the best logistics companies in NJ, we will make sure you get what you want from our services.