Ohio Trucking Companies for Shipment Logistics and Shipping

Ohio Trucking Companies for Shipment Logistics & Shipping

Red Dog Logistics provides transportation services for shippers located throughout the state of Ohio. As a logistics company, we are able to offer a variety of transportation services that are built around supporting the supply chain though inbound and outbound shipments.

Because our solutions are scaled to our customers’ needs, we can handle lanes, single spot loads, and complete shipping management.We even have an Ohio rate quote toolfor our customers who need instant freight rates for shipments that run spot market loads. Our contract department deals with RFP, lane analysis, and optimizations to handle larger shipping volume customers. Through contracts we are able to secure and stabilize pricing to provide a consistent flow of capacity and service to our customers and their supply chains.

There are many different logistics and shipping companies in Ohio, and we set ourselves apart by offering the capability to give on-demand market pricing and capacity to our customers in less than 3 minutes. Our rate quote tool gives our customers the chance to find on-the-spot pricing, and this model takes into account both historical data and daily data to create a system that produces on demand pricing for our customers.

Ohio Trucking Services

Red Dog Logistics works with many Ohio trucking companies and intermodal transport companies to make up a network of modal options for our customer base. We provide transportation modes that include a variety of different options, as shown in this table:

Equipment Type Trailer Options


48’ Flatbed
53’ Flatbed
Drop Deck
Double Drop
Side Kit

Dry Van

53’ Dry Van
48’ Dry Van
Pup Trailers
Curtain Sides


53’ Container
48’ Container
40’ Container
20’ Container

Several of our network providers are shipping companies in Ohio, but we also tap into our capacity for shipping companies that bring shipments into the state. This allows us to work with them to optimize their backhauls with our shippers that are located in the state. Then, we can find ideal market pricing to offer to our customer base. Our network has the experience, ability, and capacity to tackle any shipping request.

Intermodal Trucking Services

The intermodal services that we offer throughout the state are efficiently priced to handle long trips that are over 800 miles. The state of Ohio has several intermodal ramps to make sure that drayage miles are kept to a minimum. The low drayage miles increase efficiencies that intermodal shipments provide for shippers. Our rate quote tool will allow for all origins in the state to get instant intermodal rates for 53’ containers. At Red Dog Logistics, we work with several large rail carriers to get up-to-date capacity and rates for container shipments on domestic rail. Our logistics department also puts together long-term contracts for container shipments with high volume and/or consistency.

LTL Services in Ohio

Red Dog Logistics also provides LTL services for the state and we are able to give on demand pricing for LTL shipments across the United States. We contract with several local, regional, and national LTL carriers to give our customers complete coverage and great value on pricing. The rate quote tool will give customers instant Ohio freight quotes on shipments that are 18 feet or less, and weigh less than 15,000 pounds. We also handle complete contract inbound and outbound pricing for LTL shipments for our customers because of our ability to audit and purchase on volume. For more information about any of our services, contact Red Dog Logistics today.