Reliable and Affordable Oklahoma Shipping from Red Dog Logistics

Reliable and Affordable Oklahoma Shipping from Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics provides logistical and shipping services to shipping companies in Oklahoma. Manufacturers make up a large percentage of the industry located within Oklahoma, industries including tires, meat, oil and gas equipment, and air conditioning manufacturing.

These industries create a large demand for several transportation services and products, and as a top logistics company, Red Dog provides Oklahoma transportation services that include flatbed carriers, dry van carriers, LTL carriers and intermodal carriers. We also provide steamship and air transportation if the need arises, and we are able to handle the design and implementation of the complete export and import process. We provide instant Oklahoma freight rate quotes for 48-ft flatbed shipments, 53 ft. dry van shipments, select Oklahoma intermodal shipments, and LTL shipments. Start shipping today by getting a free freight quote.

Oklahoma Dry Van Shipments

Oklahoma has a large demand for dry vans for shipping both finished products and raw material for inbound, outbound, and intrastate Oklahoma shipments. Red Dog Logistics analyzes the supply and demand on a daily basis, looking for opportunities in the market for seasonal demand, back hauls, and anomalies in the market. We have the technology and experience to use these situations to bring value to our customers in dry van freight rates and capacity. We use historical data to compile market contract rates for Oklahoma trucking companies in order to alleviate the pains of rates consistently moving up and down, and causing issues with capacity. Red Dog Logistics contract rates help stabilize the supply chain through data/knowledge, capacity, and customer service.

Red Dog Logistics provides instant Oklahoma freight rate quotes for shipping companies that are looking for on-demand pricing for spot market loads. The instant dry van freight rates change daily based on market data, and the pricing structure is built around providing a 53 ft. dry van to handle a single load within a 48-hour pickup window. Start shipping with us today by getting a free instant quote.

Oklahoma Flatbed Shipments

Flatbed equipment in Oklahoma runs through the heart of the state servicing several companies located in and around Tulsa and Oklahoma City. The flatbed network in Oklahoma consists of several in-state and out-of-state flatbed carriers that move an array of commodities on several different flatbed trailers. We also capitalize on out-of-state carriers that are looking for back haul opportunities and freight situations that will allow both us and our customers to benefit from Oklahoma flatbed capacity. Red Dog Logistics provides a free freight rating engine on our website that will allow anyone to get a free rate quote for flatbed shipments. For contract and RFP flatbed opportunities, please reach out to our sales department today.

Oklahoma Intermodal Services

Red Dog Logistics provides intermodal services for the state of Oklahoma. Capacity in the state is tight due to the fact that man intermodal ramps are located just outside of the state of Oklahoma. The lack of intermodal ramps located in Oklahoma causes the cost of drayage to rise and greatly depreciates the cost benefit value of shipping intermodal shipments over long distance. For instant intermodal quotes in the state of Oklahoma, you can do so with the tool for select cities located on the border between Texas and Oklahoma. For all other intermodal quotes, you will need to reach out to our logistics team.

Oklahoma LTL Services

Red Dog Logistics has contracts with the local Oklahoma trucking companies that offer LTL services for the regional and intrastate moves in Oklahoma, and also has contracts with national LTL companies to service all LTL shipments throughout the United States and Canada that originate in Kansas.

Red Dog Logistics’ freight rating engine allows our LTL customers in Oklahoma and those shipping into Oklahoma to get great instant LTL quotes and rates. As a top LTL logistics company,we have the expertise, experience, technology and relationships to bring instant rate information to our LTL customers allowing them to make quick shipping decisions regarding their LTL shipments.

Our online order management module allows instant LTL dispatch and continued tracking options throughout the shipment life of the LTL load. Our LTL module is built to bring efficiency, knowledge and options to our LTL customers.

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