Online Order Management

Online Order Management

Red Dog has developed a completely integrated online suite for our customers’ convenience. The system is incorporated with the complete transportation management process--from planning to settlements, you can trust in the quality of Red Dog Logistics’ product.

Our order management system was constructed with a goal to eliminate wasted time in rating, booking, tracking, and the entire transportation process on every single transportation transaction.

Automation and Consolidation of Data

Red Dog Logistics achieved this through automation and the consolidation of communication through a single online entity. Red Dog’s understanding and experience in the logistics industry we pinpointed several variables that can affect the logistical product.

Red Dog Logistics developed process flows to account for the multiple variables that can occur during, before, or after a load is moved. Through the design and construction of the online system, each variable can be accounted for and trigger response and action. The process flow to date has accounted for over 1,000 different scenarios and is always evolving.

Management Systems for Customer Service

Red Dog Logistics’ online order management system is the logistical companies’ ecommerce solution. The online logistical tool manages the entire order online and takes into account through our development platform the process flow that allows the system to make proactive changes throughout the logistical process while keeping the customers’ best interest a priority.

The efficiencies through Red Dogs Logistics’ online platform are found through proactive communication, time saving, and process consolidation. Learn more about our services by contacting us today.