Trucking, Logistics and Shipping in Oregon

Red Dog Logistics: An Oregon Trucking Company

Red Dog Logistics is providing transportation solutions for all size customers and shippers in Oregon. We have built a platform that excels in getting shippers instant market quotes for last minute and spot market shipments. For more comprehensive needs, we excel in building and implementing large transportation supply chain solutions for shippers with consistent frequency in volume and capacity needs. At Red Dog Logistics, we look to add value to your supply chain through technology and process.

We understand the ups and downs of the transportation market when it comes to pricing and capacity. The Red Dog solutions are grounded in providing both of those pieces of the puzzle to our customer on a long-term and short-term basis. Choosing to work with us is a great business transportation decision, we know that both you and your customers will enjoy the capacity and service that Red Dog Logistics will provide.

Work with Many Types of Oregon Trucking Companies

We make the process easy. We developed our online rating engine to allow any user to a get an instant Oregon freight quote for multiple modes as well as multiple Oregon trucking companies that include:

  • Dry Van
  • Door to Door Intermodal
  • Flatbed
  • LTL

Getting an Instant Oregon Freight Rate Quote

After you receive the quote, we give you several options on how to proceed. You can make the decision to book the shipment, which can be completed online with the option to pay by credit card, or you can get an instant credit decision for the option to pay later. We give you the option to name your own price, which will be followed up within just a few minutes with our decision to take the load at your named price or not. Alternatively, you can use the information to make decisions on how to route your shipment through your network. Regardless of how you use the information we want to make sure that you make informed transportation decisions with shipping companies in Oregon. To start shipping with Red Dog Logistics, all you have to do is click to get an instant rate quote.

Working with Red Dog Logistics for Oregon Shipping Services

To start running with Red Dog Logistics on the contract side of the business, you will need to reach out our sales department at 888-906-3622. Our contract product process will start with us finding out more about your supply chains, as well as its shipments, constraints and bottlenecks. Once we have a thorough understanding of your supply chain and the shipments involved we will start breaking down cost and time looking to eliminate any threats that may affect your transportation throughout your supply chain. We will then look in cost reduction through modal diversification, shrinking of transportation times, and building up safety stocks when possible. We will then begin connecting our vendors of Oregon trucking companies, intermodal and rail carriers, steam ships and LTL carriers to optimize service, price, and capacity for your supply chain.

Red Dog Logistics understands transportation, and eliminating mistakes is the key to making consistent on-time deliveries. We employ a strict transportation process that helps prevent problems by getting in front of them when possible and rearranging things to achieve a better outcome. We at Red Dog Logistics look forward to working with you!