Pennsylvania Trucking & Nationwide Shipping

Red Dog Logistics provides Pennsylvania logistical services across multiple transportation modes for all intrastate, inbound and outbound Pennsylvania shipments. Red Dog’s instant freight rating engine gives instant Pennsylvania freight rate quotes for intermodal shipments, dry van shipments, LTL shipments and flatbed shipments. Pennsylvania shippers have access to interstate highways, seaports, rail ports and airports. If shippers are looking for steamship and airfreight rates, they will need to contact our logistics department for mode specific pricing.

Red Dog Logistics has multiple shippers located throughout Pennsylvania, and we are able to provide contract pricing for long-term flatbed, dry van, and intermodal lanes. Red Dog Logistics is one of the top logistics companies in Pennsylvania when it comes to providing capacity and customer service to our shippers across multiple modes. Red Dog’s network and experience will get any shipment to where it needs to be.

Flatbed Trucking Services to and from Pennsylvania

Red Dog’s flatbed network consists of several hundred Pennsylvania flatbed carriers. This network is able to provide capacity in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on a regular basis with little-to-no lead time. The network also covers the rest of the state on 12-24 hour lead time. As one of the best trucking companies in Pennsylvania, our flatbed carriers are able to provide several different trailers based on cargo demands and dimensions. To help suit your over-the-road needs our flatbed carriers are equipped with 4’, 8’ and 12' drop tarps.

Red Dog Logistics is widely regarded as a flatbed service specialist and is capable of hauling any material. Red Dog’s extensive network allows us to process the required permits for over dimensional and overweight loads with little to no lead time. Red Dog Logistics freight shipping services will assure timely delivery, as one of the most reputable logistics companies in Pennsylvania.

Dry Van Services Network in Pennsylvania

Red Dog’s dry van services consist of several hundred Pennsylvania dry van carriers. This network is able to provide capacity in Harrisburg, Philadelphia and Pittsburgh on a regular basis with little-to-no lead time. The network also covers the rest of the state on 12-24 hour lead time. Our Pennsylvania box truck carriers are capable of providing several different trailer types to help ease loading and better suit your over the road needs. Our extensive network of carriers is experience in hauling countless commodity type’s, whether they are pallets or not.

Unlike other less experienced trucking companies in Pennsylvania, Red Dog Logistics has years of industry experience with both truckload freight shipping and partial shipments. This logistics company has the knowledge and system to make sure your shipment gets to where it is supposed to be.

Intermodal Shipping Services

Red Dog has a wide reaching and inclusive network both inbound and outbound of Pennsylvania. Red Dog Logistics can provide you with an instant Pennsylvania intermodal freight quote and move the material with limited lead time, remaining more efficient than other Pennsylvania shipping companies. Red Dog Logistics offers driver assist for help with loading and unloading. For assistance with blocking and bracing, we have an industry-leading department that is easily accessible and will guide you through any concern. Red Dog Logistics is proud to stake claim as one of the fast growing intermodal shippers with access to all major rail lines and shippers capable of moving a wide range of commodities.

Red Dog Logistics provides instant intermodal rates through our proprietary freight rating engine and provides long terms intermodal rate contracts for long term and consistent moves. We look to leverage our position in the market to give our customers the best intermodal value for their shipments. If you have questions about intermodal contract pricing please feel free to contact our sales department today.

Pennsylvania Less than Truckload (LTL) services

Red Dog Logistics has unparalleled service compared to other Pennsylvania shipping companies, working with a broad range of carriers in order to meet every shipper's needs. Red Dog Logistics can move nearly any commodity and is HAZMAT certified. Red Dog Logistics has experience shipping LTLs both nationally and internationally and can service the continental United States without a lapse in coverage. Red Dog Logistics provides many LTL services, including security dividers, access to government bases and secure facilities, lift gate, protection from freezing, residential deliveries, and next-day guaranteed deliveries. We actively track all LTL shipments to ensure that the shipper is always kept up to date on all of their freight.