Refrigerated Trucking

Red Dog Logistics’ team of reefer trucking logistic associates provide clients with the expertise and experience needed in the industry

Red Dog Logistics offers logistics for refrigerated trucking, with the ability to provide clients instant reefer trucking rates using our online rating engine. With the help of our expertise and knowledge, you’ll gain access to a full network of refrigerated trucking companies throughout the 48 states in the continental U.S.

Get Reliable and Affordable Reefer Trucking Solutions

If you want the most accurate refrigerated trucking rates along with competitive pricing, Red Dog Logistics offers instant quotes that can provide a full picture of the most cost-effective and efficient reefer trucking routes.

We participate in volume pricing, and our experts also prepare and monitor RFPs to keep trucking solutions consistent and affordable for heavy volume lanes.

If you want to keep customers satisfied, our lane specialists can also help you find new clients and avoid focusing on unsatisfied customers. You can contact our lane specialists for assistance today.

Covering All Aspects of Refrigerated Trucking

We gather data from a vast network of reefer trucking companies throughout the U.S., Canada, and Mexico to provide capacity for our customers upon request. Our instant online rating engine can find the most recent and consistently updated refrigerated trucking rates, making booking fast and easy.

We have the ability to handle every aspect of shipping, including the selection of truck size and equipment, along with various accessory components. With the most competitive pricing in the industry, you can use our rating engine to find the most convenient trucking services that meet your budget. Our tool also features a “name your price” option if you can’t find a rate to your liking, which allows you to suggest your own reefer trucking rate. Within five minutes you’ll see whether your rate has been accepted or rejected, and if your rate is rejected you can still turn to the original quotes if you still want those services.

Our experienced transportation professionals can assist with the selection of appropriate reefer truck trailer specifications and equipment to use for shipments. While you may be unsure about which types of trailers or equipment to choose, our experts will help you understand what your shipment needs for successful delivery, including temperature control solutions that meet FDA requirements for perishable food products.

Choose from a variety of specifications with the help of Red Dog Logistics, including:

  • 48’ trailers
  • 53’ trailers
  • Light weight
  • Temperature control

Get Instant Reefer Trucking Rates and More at Red Dog Logistics

Red Dog Logistics is dedicated to keeping refrigerated trucking simple and affordable. If you have other types of shipments that need reliable trucking services for transportation, we also offer flatbed, dry van, door-to-door, oversized, steam ship, and intermodal shipping services, among others for both national and international shipments.

You can request an instant reefer trucking quote using our instant online rating engine, or give us a call at 1-888-906-3622 to speak with one of our experts for immediate assistance. We’re ready to help you find the best rates available and get started on successful shipments today.