Shipping and Traffic Management Solutions

Red Dog Logistics is an efficient and flexible third-party logistics company that provides customized traffic management solutions to all types of companies, no matter the size. In order to achieve this, we offer many services that can be mixed and matched to make sure our shippers’ needs are met. We seamlessly blend innovative technological services, traditional freight shipping services and streamlined customer oriented solutions to provide our shippers’ everything they need in one place.


Dedicated to Providing the Best Solutions

Our team of experts keeps up to date with the latest news and trends in order to provide the best product. We also value transparency and believe that by providing our shippers with knowledge that allows them to make the best shipping decisions. We provide industry leading service, relevant current data and customized solutions. To learn more about Red Dog and its capabilities, contact us today.
Our freight shipping services include a wealth of different options, suiting every need you may have for shipping and freight.

We offer services and features such as:


We are also proud to offer the latest technologies that make it easier for you to plan and pay for your shipping projects. At Red Dog Logistics, we believe that the process of getting things from one place to another should be easy, and that’s why we offer tools to simplify the process, including:

We also offer a streamlined customer service center, which includes:


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