Trucking, Logistics and Shipping in South Carolina

Red Dog Logistics: Trucking Company in South Carolina

Red Dog Logistics provides value, expertise and access to transportation solutions for our customers throughout the state of South Carolina, as well as customers across the United States. We concentrate all of our efforts into understanding your transportation needs and how to best implement our solutions.

The transportation market is where our expertise lies; we have spent countless hours developing proprietary solutions that are able to keep up with market data on spot shipments across dry van, intermodal, LTL and flatbed modes. For short-term solutions, we are able to give on-demand pricing through our online freight-rating tool. This tool gives instant freight quotes for shipments that our customers and users need to ship on the spot market. We make it simple to get a rate and book loads quickly. We have also implemented an instant “bill me later” option on our website, which allows companies and users to get instant credit clearance. This solution is meant to give shippers access to instant rates and the capacity to get their shipment rated and booked in less than 5 minutes. To start shipping with Red Dog Logistics today, all you have to do is get an instant rate quote!

South Carolina Shipping Companies

Our presence in South Carolina does not stop in the spot market. We are currently adding customers to the contract side of our business, as well. The contract side of our business focuses on understanding the complete supply chain of our customer and their customer. We then build a solution that takes into consideration cost and time. We find the intersection point of these two lines in order to offer the maximum value of cost and service. Maximum efficiency with shipping is achieved through modal diversification and supply chain optimization, to make sure that shipments and inventories work hand in hand for optimal output.

Shipping Modes Offered in South Carolina

Red Dog Logistics offer several modes and services across our contract products. We have several South Carolina trucking companies in our network that are able to provide flatbed, specialized, dry van, reefers, steamship and intermodal product both domestically and internationally. Red Dog Logistics is a one-stop shop for your shipping needs. We understand that a diverse set of transportation products is necessary to be able to offer value to both small and large shippers. Each shipper has its unique supply chain needs, and Red Dog has been built around providing different solutions and scalability to handle the smallest and largest of jobs with same attention to detail and execution on the transaction.

Red Dog Logistics looks forward to working in your supply chain. We have made our products and services convenient and scalable to handle challenges from both current and new customers. In an effort to stay ahead of the curve in logistics, we are always updating and evolving out process and product. Start running with Red Dog Logistics today by getting an instant rate quote, or contact our sales associates if you have any question about our contract products. For more information regarding our capabilities please feel free to check out our products page on the home page. We are ready for your business!