South Dakota Trucking Companies for National Transportation

South Dakota Trucking Companies for National Transportation

At Red Dog Logistics, our goal is to get market data and rates to ourcustomers as fast as possible, and that is why we built on our online freight quoting platform to give instant freights quotes for the entire continental United States. The online quoting platform gives access to instant freight quotes for flatbed, dry van, door-to-door intermodal, and LTL shipments.

Getting prices for instant shipping is made easy and doesn’t have any strings attached. Red Dog Logistics pricing department is constantly analyzing geographic, modes, and seasonal market changes to give our customers the most up to date pricing that will get the load moved. The quoting platform updates on a daily basis.

How to Get a Quote for Trucking & Shipping to and from South Dakota

Once our customers get their instant freight quotes, they are able to book through the online portal or if they are looking for a different rate they are able to use our “Name Your Own Quote” tool. This tool will allow the user to name the price that they want to pay on the load that was quoted. The system will then go to work searching the market for capacity at the requested rate. The user will then get a “yes” or “no” answer within five minutes. We take pride in our pricing but we are always open to receiving feedback and opportunities at different pricing. Our priority is to give our customer options to move their Freight.

Red Dog Logistics honors the rates that we provide and when our customer is ready to ship they can do through our online portal. The process to book your shipment takes less than five minutes. We know that you once you have used or system once you will be back again and again because of the speed, ease, and customer service.

Methods of Shipping Available from our South Dakota Trucking Network

Red Dog Logistics works on complex supply chain solutions for all size companies that are in need optimizations, RFP assistance, and/or logistical design. We work with thousands of transportation modes that include:

  • Dry Van
  • Flatbed
  • Specialized
  • Drayage
  • Steamship
  • Air
  • Intermodal
  • Rail

Our contract department will work diligently with you to understand you and your customers’ shipping needs. Once we have a firm understanding, we will recommend the best mode based off of cost, transit time, and lead times. Our focus is to provide the most value to your supply chain through transportation solutions.

Red Dog Logistics works in and throughout South Dakota and have a history of providing global solutions to companies that are based in the great state. Reach out to Red Dog Logistics today and we can begin the process of setting your shipments up with trucking companies in South Dakota.