Vermont Trucking & Shipping Companies for National Shipments

Vermont Trucking and Logistics Services for National Shipments

Red Dog Logistics isready to help you with any and all of your transportation needs. We are experts when it comes to shipping products and understand multiple markets and modes. This allows us to get the best transportation solutionbuilt and implemented for you and your company.

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Our transportation product interfaces are built to provide instant feedback on Vermont freight quotes and availability. Red Dog Logistics understands how important it is to be able to provide on-demand market pricing for several transportation modes. The online freight quoting platform allows our users to come to our website and get instant freight quotes through the platform. The process is quick, taking just a few minutes from start to finish.

Get Freight Quotes for Vermont Shipping Options

Our freight quotes are a starting point for many of our customers, and we also we give them the ability to name their own price through our “Name Your Own Price” feature. When that proposed price is submitted into our system, we search the market for capacity at that pricing level and will give a response of “Yes” or “No” in five minutes or less. We love to give our customers the chance to get involved!

Red Dog stands by its rate quotes and if you want to ship at the pricing level that the quoting platform provides, all you need to do is schedule the shipment online. The process is very easy and is completed within five minutes. Shortly after the booking, a Red Dog Logistics representative will contact you so that you have point of contact if you have any questions on the load that was booked or any future loads you are thinking about booking.

Instant Vermont Shipping Rates

The online freight quoting platform provides instant quotes for:

  • Door to Door Intermodal Shipments
  • 53’ Dry Van Shipments
  • 48’ Flatbed Shipments
  • LTL shipments

Red Dog Logistics is a full service logistics company and offers a wide array of products to make sure your products is flowing through your and your customers’ supply chain. We work with several modes of transportation that include:

  • Rail
  • Truck
  • Specialized
  • Steam Ship
  • Air
  • Barge

Red Dog Logistics takes this expertise in the modal markets and helps our customers with complex transportation optimization design and RFP management scenarios. Wework with companies big and small and we implement solutions that drive productivity, value, and customer service.

Get Instant Vermont Freight Rates Today

Red Dog Logistics works with several Vermont trucking companies and transportation vendors. We have a large network on the ground that handles shipments for the large cities of Burlington, and Montpelier, as well as small towns and cities throughout the state. Our team at Red Dog Logistics looks forward to working with you to help implement transportation solutions for your supply chain. Contact us today for more information!