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When you need reliable trucking companies in Virginia, working with Red Dog Logistics is easy, timely and dynamic. We continue to break down information barriers in the transportation industry, by allowing our customers unrestricted access to spot market pricing across thousands of transportation vendors. We give instant Virginia freight quotes for intermodal, LTL, dry van and flatbed spot market shipments. Our analytics and ever-changing contract management system allows us to work with thousands of vendors to bring instant pricing and capacity to the public. We push the envelope further by automating the booking process so that our customers can use the rating engine to book shipments in less than five minutes from start to finish.

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Why Use Red Dog Logistics?

Shipping companies in Virginia have to come to trust and use Red Dog Logistics as their transportation choice throughout the state. The transportation industry can be full of half-truths and bad service, Red Dog Logistics has built a transportation platform that revolves around keeping the lines of communications and options to our customer open at all times. In all business transactions, we expose ourselves to risk, but by taking the correct steps and decision-making processes, we are able to limit that risk. Red Dog takes that approach in every transaction that we get involved with, and we make sure to limit mistakes and situations that will affect your supply chain.

Technology and Services for Facilitating Shipping In and Around Virginia

Red Dog uses technology and analytics to offer products and services that are applicable to every shipper in the United States. Our understanding in product diversity comes from our experience in the industry and through trial and error. Differentiating between customers and their specific transportation needs goes beyond mode, equipment and pricing. The difference involves a more in-depth look into their supply chain and pinpointing what role each transaction plays in the overall outcome of the company. Having a broad understanding of the importance or ripple effect that your shipments have on your customers and your company helps build the foot print on how to approach your transportation design.

Connect with the Most Reliable Viriginia Shipping Companies

Red Dog Logistics offers several Virginia shipping companies and modes to fit in all supply chain activities. We have contracts and partnerships with major streamlines, intermodal and Virginia trucking companies. If you need containers, vans, flatbeds, or barges, Red Dog Logistics has the knowledge and expertise to get the project completed and shipped. There is no project that is too small or too big for us. We are always looking for new ways to challenge ourselves and to grow our logistics and supply chain knowledge. The more products and knowledge that we can offer our customer base, the more complete we are as a logistics company.

Get the Best Virginia Shipping Rates

If you are looking for logistics and trucking companies in Virginia with expertise in the market for each mode, look no further. Start by getting an instant rate quote today for your spot shipments or if you are looking for stable contract pricing reach out to our sales department today. We look forward to working with you and making your supply chain and deliveries on time.